Howland Island

Howland Island is a non-integrated coral island situated just near the north of central Pacific Ocean and southwest of Honolulu. The Howland Island is almost half-way between Australia and Hawaii and is an Unorganized and Unincorporated territory of U.S and is very often included in Phoenix Islands. Only for the statistical purposes, the Howland Islands are amalgamated into United States Minor Outlying Islands. Howland Island Wildlife Refuge comprises of nearly 455 acre island and the areas surrounded are approximately 32,074 acres of submerged land. Now, the island is a National Wildlife Refuge governed by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, as a parochial area under U.S. Interior Department. This island is inspected every 2 years by U.S Fish and Wildlife Service.

The territorial region has no other economic activity except fishing. Airstrips were built in late 1930s. However, due to improper maintenance it was damaged and subsequently disappeared. There are no docks and harbors, but there is only one boat landing region built along the midway of sandy coastal area. United States is the main responsibility for the defensive activities. The climate of this region has little rainfall and very high temperature. Sometimes, the temperatures are controlled by a continuant wind from Eastland.

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