Jarvis Island

Jarvis Island is a derelict coral island situated in the southern Pacific Ocean. It was initially called as the Bunker Island. It is a territory of the United States of America that is unincorporated and administered by the United States wildlife and fish service from Washington, D.C. There are no ports or harbors on Jarvis Island, but it finds the presence of offshore spots for anchorage. One of the landing areas for boats is present in the centre of the west coast and other is located at the southwestern corner of Jarvis Island. A day beacon is found near the west coast.

The climatic conditions of Jarvis Island are tropical having a very scant rainfall, strong presence of the sun and constant flow of the wind. The terrain of the island is sandy and surrounded by fringing reef. The prostrate vines, thin bunch grass and the low growing shrubs of the island are mainly a nest for the seabirds and the marine wildlife. The island rests twenty three feet above sea level. Jarvis Island does not have any fresh water produced naturally. The island is grouped amongst the minor outlying islands of the United States of America for statistical purposes.

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