Johnston Atoll

Johnston atoll is a 130 square kilometer atoll based in the northern Pacific Ocean. It is located about 1400 km towards the west of the Hawaii islands. The island was officially discovered on the 10th of December in the year 1807 by Captain James Johnston. The island got its name after Captain James. In the year 1858, both the United States of America as well as the Hawaiian kingdom claimed their right over the Johnston Atoll. Johnston Atoll is an unincorporated dominion of the United States of America. The Department of Interior administers the Johnston Atoll with the help of the United States wildlife and fish service, as a part of the pacific island wildlife refuges of the United States of America. The Johnston Atoll is considered as a group of the minor outlying islands of the United States for statistical purposes.

The climate of Johnston Island is mainly tropical and dry. There is a consistent flow of the north eastern trade winds. There are variations in the temperatures of the island on a seasonal basis. The island finds the presence of low vegetation. The terrain of Island is mainly flat and it does not have any source of fresh natural water resources.

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