Kingman Reef

Kingman Reef is the largely inundated and uninhabited tropical regions located alongside to the North of Pacific Ocean. Just close to the half-way between American Samoa and Hawaiian Islands. It has the grade of an unorganized territory of U.S, governed by the Washington D.C (USN). It is nearly around 920 miles to the south of Honolulu and during that time, its shoreline may reach 3 kilometers in edge. But, the largest point on reef is approximately 1 meter above the sea level and damped several time making the Kingman Reef a nautical hazard. Only for the statistical purposes, the Kingman Reef is amalgamated into United States Minor Outlying Islands. The region has no mineral deposits, is derelict and supports no cost-effective activity.

The Kingman Reef is partly surrounded a sea adequate to 73 meters deep, which was used in the year from 1937-1938, as a half-way station between American Samoa and Hawaii by the Pan American Airways. In the year 1937, the Pan American Airways had plans in their minds regarding anchoring the vessel North Wind, as hovering tanker at Kingman and utilize the reef as halt for its aviating vessels on the way to New Zealand. But, the idea was discarded as Pan American found that costs of supporting idle tanker ships are mostly prohibitive.

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