Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands are located in the western Pacific Ocean. It is officially called the republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI). It is a Micronesian island nation. The location of the island is towards the north of Kiribati and Nauru, east of the federated Micronesian states and the south of the United States territory of the Wake Island. The country has five islands that are isolated and twenty nine atolls. Two groups are formed by the most important islands and atolls of the Marshall Islands namely, the Ralik Chain which means sunset chain and the Ratak Chain which means the sunrise chain. Two thirds of the total population of Marshall Islands stays on its capital, which is Majuro and in Ebeye.

There is a very thin population in the outer islands, due to low opportunities of employment and economic development. Life here is traditional. The consumption of food here is mainly by the growth in the region. The people here mainly rely on consuming white rice. Most of the land of the region is at the level of the sea. The people of the Marshall Islands are of Micronesian origin having migrated from Asia. Although, English is the official language, Marshallese and Japanese is also occasionally spoken.

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