Micronesia is an oceanic sub region that comprises of numerous small islands within the Pacific Ocean. The Philippines is situated to the north west of Micronesia, whereas Papua New Guinea, Melanesia and Indonesia lie to the west and the south west and the eastern side has Polynesia. The numerous islands of Micronesia are spread over a vast region of the western Pacific Ocean. Yap is the only empire that is known to have originated in Micronesia. The term Micronesia was used first in the year 1831 by Jules Dumont. Before this, the term of Polynesia was used to define it.

The native languages of the different indigenous people of Micronesia are classified under the language family of Austronesia. Most of the languages of Micronesia belong to this familys oceanic subgroup. Out of all the languages, only three exceptions belong to the subgroup of western Malayo-Polynesian. These are namely the Tanapag and Chamorro in the Mariana Islands, the Palauan in Palau and the Yapese in the Micronesian federated states. This group also consists of the languages that are spoken today in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The eastern edge of the Micronesian federated states, the languages of Kapingamarangi and Nukuoro represent a westward extension of Polynesia that is extreme.

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