Midway Atoll

Midway atoll is also called as Midway Island and Hawaiian Pihemanu. It is a 2.4 sq mile atoll situated near the northwestern part of Hawaiian archipelago and about 1/3 of way between Tokyo and Honolulu. It is lesser than 140 maritime miles to the east of International Date Line and nearly 2,800 maritime miles west of the San Francisco and roughly 2,200 maritime miles east of Tokyo. It comprises of ring-shaped hurdle reef and many sand desert islands. The utmost two land pieces such as Eastern land and Sand Island, offer habitat for hundreds and thousands of seafowls.

The Midway atoll has a small number of population (in 2004 it was only 40). It is an unorganized region of U.S chosen as limited area under some authority of the United States Department of Interior. It is the National wildlife Refuge governed by FWS (U.S Fish and Wildlife Service). The visitors programs are enclosed since January 2002, but the visitors who can arrange their self transportation can contact the manager of the refuge for visiting the coral island. As its name suggests, Midway lies almost halfway between Asia and North America. For only statistical purposes, it has been amalgamated into United States Minor Outlying places.

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