Formally a nation of Nauru, Nauru is an island country located in the Micronesian South Pacific. The Banaba Island in the Democracy of Kiribati, which is 300km to the east, is the closest neighboring country of Nauru. With a living land covering of just 210 km, Nauru is regarded as the globes smallest island country, also the nominal self-governing country, and is the only republican state in the entire globe without any formal capital state. A majority of land mass of Nauru is encased with phosphate rock, hence it is called as a phosphate rock island, and its key finance generating activity since 1907 is the exportation of mined phosphate to other nations.

Nauru in the year of 1990 momentarily emerged as a tax retreat and money laundering hub. Till 2001, Nauru has received help from the Australian government in replacement for this laundering aid. Further, Nauru accommodates an offshore confinement hub that sustains and routes the shelter seekers attempting to enter in Australia. Politically, Nauru is a territory with a parliamentary format of legislative body. The chief of both the government and state is the President of the territory. The electoral nominees normally stand as independent candidates, as Nauru does not posses any official outline of political parties for them.

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