New Zealand

Situated in the South-Western Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is a nation embracing two big islands namely the South Island and North Island, along with countless petite islands surrounding it. The Chatham Islands and Stewart Island/Rakiura are the most prominent islands of New Zealand. New Zealands sphere also engrosses the Niue and Cook Islands, which are independent but in free organization. Geographically, New Zealand is most remarkable for its topographic segregation, as it is detached from Australia to the northwest through the Tasman Sea, 2000 kilometers crossways. Tonga, New Caledonia, and Fiji are certain closest adjacent nations to New Zealand.

A majority of populates of New Zealand is of European descent, with Maori as the native and biggest alternative. The Queen of New Zealand, Elizabeth II, is the Chief of the State and, her nonattendance is usually filled by a non-partisan Governor-General. Here, the Queen reigns but does not rule, because the Queen genuinely lacks any political authority, and her position is also hugely figurative. Officially, the political authority is sustained by the democratically-elected Parliament of New Zealand under the management of the Chief of the legislative body, the Prime Minister. The modern New Zealand has a miscellaneous tradition with persuasions from American, Anglo-Celtic, Maori, and Australian cultures.

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