Situated in the South Pacific Ocean, Niue is an island country. Generally, Niue is usually known as the Rock of Polynesia and the inhabitants of the island label it as the Rock. Though, Niue is an independent territory, it is basically in free organization with New Zealand, which means that the Monarch in Right of New Zealand is also the head of Niue. A majority of linking are carried out through New Zealand on behalf of Niue. Geographically, Niue is situated some 2,400 kilometers towards the northeast of New Zealand in a triangular zone amid the Cook Islands, Samoa, and Tonga. English and Niuean language are the official languages of the nation, as it is taught in the schools and is frequently utilized in every day commerce and communications.

Populaces of Niue mainly consist of Polynesian citizens. The constitution Act of Niue authorizes the administrative authority in Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand and also, to the Governor-General of New Zealand. It is clearly indicated by the Niue Constitution that in daily practice, the rule is implemented through the Cabinet of the Premier of Niue and three other state ministers. Principally, the premier and the state ministers are associates of the Niues Legislative Assembly, which is also the parliament of Niue.

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