Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is a small dwelt island located in the Pacific Ocean. It finds its presence in between New Caledonia, New Zealand and Australia. Along with its two neighboring islands the Norfolk Island forms one of the external territories of Australia. The symbol of the Norfolk Island pine is present on the flag of the island. It is an evergreen striking tree that is a native of the Norfolk Island and is very much popular in Australia, where the growth of two related species is found.

There are no waterways, harbors, ports and railways on the Norfolk Island. Cascade and Kingston find the presence of jetties for loading, but the ships cannot come close to them. On the arrival of a supply ship, the contents are emptied by the whaleboats launched by towing five tones of supplies at a time. The prevailing weather of the day is the basis for the selection of the jetty. The leeward side jetty is mostly used. The ship moves to the other side if the weather changes significantly. The Norfolk Island airport is the only airport on the island. The roads on the island are 80 kilometers in length. There is only one television station on the island.

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