Northern Mariana Islands

Northern Mariana Islands is legitimately known as Commonwealth in political union with the United States. It is a democratic region in political alliance with United States situated at a premeditated locality in the western part of Pacific Ocean. It comprises of fifteen islands, approximately three quarters of way from Hawaii to Philippines. The U.S. Census Bureau states that total area of Northern Mariana Island is 463.63 km2. The population of this region according to 2005 estimation was 80,362 and the official census taken in the year 2000 reports the population as 69,221. The islands have more number of female populace than male and this is because of the greater part of females are foreign workers, working particularly in the garment industry.

Northern Mariana Islands commonwealth mainly benefits from considerable financial assistances and development support from federal government of United States. Their economy also depends heavily upon the tourism, mostly from Japan and rapidly flourishing garment manufacturing industry. The Northern Mariana Islands have highways of above 350 kilometers and three airports with surfaced runways, three airports with caliches-topped runways and a solitary heliport. Agricultural production such as tapioca, coconuts, tomatoes, cattle, melons and breadfruit primarily exists. However, it is of rather minor economic significance.

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