Officially known as the “Republic of Palau”, Palau is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean situated at a distance of 2000 miles to the south of Tokyo and 500 miles to the east of Philippines. Palau gained the trusteeship of the United Nations in 1994 and is one amongst the world’s smallest and youngest nations. On some occasions, Palau is referred by its native name “Belau”.

As in case of the Marshall Islands, the Mariana Islands, Micronesia and Guam, Palau became an appendage of the Spanish East Indies and until the 1898, Spanish-American war was governed from the Spanish Philippines. Followed by its defeat during the Spanish American war, it sold the islands to Germany. The most populated islands of Palau are Koror, Babeldaob, Peleliu and Angaur. More than two-thirds of the population stays on Koror. While the uninhabited Rock islands are located to the west of the main island group, the coral atoll of Kayangel is situated to the north of these islands. Apart from the four main islands, Palau also includes a remote group comprising of six islands, which are known as the Southwest Islands situated at a distance of 375 miles from the main islands.

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