Pitcairn Islands

Pitcairn islands (formally known as Pitcairn, Oeno Islands and Henderson Ducie Islands) are the group of 4 islands in southern Pacific Ocean, and these islands are the British overseas territorial regions. Pitcairn islands are well-known for being home of descendants of Bounty Mutineers and Tahitians who escorted them, an occasion recited in many films and books. Pitcairn Islands is also renowned for being least populated regions in the world. The U.S committee on Decolonization includes Pitcairn Islands on United Nations Directory of Non-self-Governing Territorial Regions. The original colonists of Pitcairn Islands (Henderson, Ducie, Pitcairn and Oeno) were Malayo-Polynesians, who seem to have dwelt on Henderson and Pitcairn for many centuries.

Pitcairn valleys fertile soil produces a large range of different kinds of fruits and vegetables such as citrus, watermelons, sugarcane, yams, beans and bananas. The inhabitants of Pitcairn economy are heavily depended upon fishing, handicrafts and subsistence farming. The majority of the income sources are sale of postage stamps and handicrafts and honey. Pitcairn culture is similar to their language, a mix of Tahitian and English influences. There are strict moral rules that prohibit people from dancing, open displays of love and alcohol consumption. The communication systems such as telephones, radio, television and internet facilities are also limited to certain extent.

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