Officially known as the Independent State of Samoa, Samoa is a nation governing the western portion of the Samoan Islands archipelago in the southern Pacific Ocean. From 1900 till 1919, the island was named as Samoa and was named as Western Samoa from 1914 till 1997. Samoa gained the United Nations membership on 15th December 1976. Prior to the 20th century, the entire island group including American Samoa was known as Navigators Islands due to the seafaring skills of the Samoans.

Samoan Constitution formulated in 1960 was implemented shortly after its independence. It is largely based on the system of parliamentary democracy in Great Britain and was modified taking into account the customs of Samoa. Since the death of his colleague Tupua Tamasese Meaole in 1963, Malietoa Tanumafili II held this post alone. He died on the 11th of May, 2007. At the time of his death, he was the oldest living monarch. Recently, Tuiatua Tupua Tamasese Efi was elected by the legislature for a five year term on 17th June 2007. More than 98 % of the Samoans are of the Christian faith. Based on an American report, Samoa has a large gender imbalance mainly caused due to emigration of women.

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