Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands are a Melanesian nation situated to the east of Papua New Guinea. It consists of approximately a thousand islands. The total land area of Solomon Islands is 28,400 square kilometers. The capital of the island, Honiara is situated on the Guadalcanal Island. It is believed that Melanesian people inhabited Solomon Islands for thousands of years. From 1998 onwards, the government crime and misconduct has led to the undermining of civil society and stability of the nation. In June 2003, a multinational force led by Australia called the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) arrived for disarming ethnic militias and for restoring peace.

On the 2nd April 2007, the Solomon Islands were stuck by a large earthquake, which was followed by a large tsunami. Based on initial reports, the tsunami as high as 10 feet, according to estimates, lashed the coast of Gizo, a small island of Solomon Islands. The death toll out of the earthquake reached 52 with thousands left homeless and more than 900 homes destroyed. With a per capita GDP in the range of 600 $, Solomon Islands is an underdeveloped nation. More than 75 % of the total population is engaged in fishing and subsistence farming. In short, the economy of Solomon Islands is heavily dependent on fisheries and agriculture.

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