Tokelau is a non self governing colonial territory of New Zealand, comprising 3 tropical coral reefs in South Pacific Ocean. The U.S General Assembly included Tokelau on their U.S. list of Non-Self-Governing Territories, which have not finished decolonization process. According to CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), the 1 thousand Tokelauans have smallest economy as compared to other United States territories. The forename Tokelau came from Polynesian word which means north wind, conventionally used for the denoting islands. Tokelau is considered to be a non-wealthy community with yearly purchasing power of a typical individual as US$1,000.

The government of Tokelau is wholly depended on subsidies mainly from New Zealand. The annual revenue of the government is less than $500,000 against expenses of 2.8 million. The deficit is caught up with support from New Zealand. Tokelau exports nearly $100,000 worth of copra, handicrafts and postage stamps and imports $300,000 worth of foodstuffs, fuel and building materials to and from the islands of New Zealand. New Zealand pays instantly for the medical cost and educational activities. Local sectors also include small-scale ventures for wood work, copra manufacture, braided craft goods, coins, postage stamps and fishing. Livestock and agriculture produces copra, coconuts, breadfruits, bananas, papayas, poultry, pigs and goats.

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