The Tonga Kingdom is an autonomous archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean. It is situated between one third of the region of New Zealand and the Hawaii islands, east to Fiji and south to Samoa. The Tonga Kingdom is also known as the friendly islands. This name was given by captain cook on account of the friendly reception that he received on arriving there. Tonga is considered as the only monarchy in the island nations of the Pacific Ocean. Tupou IV, the former king of Tonga was once the heaviest monarch present in the globe.

The Tonga Kingdom has numerous transport systems that use air, water and road based infrastructure. The highways of the Tonga Kingdom are 680 kilometers in length. There are many seaports and airports in Tonga. There are in all three ports in Tonga. In terms of the merchant marine aspect, Tonga has seven ships that are over 1,000 GRT. The ships include one bulk ship, two ships of liquefied gas, two ships of cargo, the roll on and roll off ship and one tanker of petroleum. There are six airports in Tonga, out of which one has surfaced runway. The airline of the Tonga Kingdom is Peau Vavau.

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