Previously referred to as the Ellice Islands, Tuvalu is a Polynesian island country situated in the Pacific Ocean in the central region amid Australia and Hawaii. Fiji, Kiribati, and Samoa are some of the closely located nations to Tuvalu. Tuvalu consists of four rocky islands and five actual islets, with a total land area of just 26 square kilometers. Tuvalu is also regarded as the second least populated nation in the entire globe, with Vatican City counting the minimum populates. The United Nations had also regarded Tuvalu as the nominal associate in their organization, considering its gross population. Polynesian citizens were the very first residents of Tuvalu. The year 1978, witnessed the first self-governing year for Tuvalu.

Tuvalu still maintains its conventional society, which still exists on a huge scale. Almost every family in this nation possesses their own job, or salanga, to practice for their society such as housing and fishing. Kilikiti is one of the conventional games played in Tuvalu, which is quite akin to cricket. Fatele, which is the most popular kind of dancing in Tuvalu was greatly influenced by the European tune and synchronization and is quite challenging to play. Further, fakaseasea and fakanu are the two oldest and conventional dance form of Tuvalu, out of which fakaseasea is still practiced by senior citizens in Tuvalu.

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