Wake Island

Wake Island is also called as Wake Atoll, a coral reef having a coastline of 12 miles in North Pacific Ocean, situated nearly about two-third of path from Honolulu to Guam. It is considered as an unincorporated and unorganized territorial region of United States, governed by Insular Affairs office, United States Interior Department. Accessing to this island is strictly prohibited and all present activities are mainly handled by the U.S Air Force and U.S Army. Only for the purpose of statistics, Wake Island is amalgamated into United states Minor Outlying Islands. Though, Wake Island is formally known as an island in a singular way, in fact, it is an atoll constituting 3 islands such as Wake, Peale and Wilkes surrounding the central area of Lagoon.

Wake Island is subjected to periodic moderate storms throughout the winter. Tropical storms occasionally pass across the Wake Island. Wake Island initially was captured by U.S. and in the year 19356, they constructed Pan American Airways and small village called PAAville. This village was regarded as the initial settlement of the human on the Wake Island. The inhabitants of this village were mostly relied on United States for their food and water resources.

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