Wallis and Futuna

Wallis and Futuna, officially called as the Territory of Wallis and Futuna Islands lie between Samoa and Fiji in the south pacific. It is an island territory of the Polynesia. It is comprised of numerous tiny islets and three major volcanic tropical islands. The territory is divided into two groups, namely the Wallis islands (Uvea) in the north and the Hoorn Islands (Futuna Islands) in the south. Since the commencement of the year 2003, Wallis and Futuna has been a collectivity of the French overseas. Between the year 1961 and the year 2003, Wallis and Futuna had the status of a territory of the French overseas.

The Wallis Island has 100 kilometers of highway of which 16 kilometers are paved, while the Island of Futuna has just 2 kilometers of highway, which is totally non-paved. The territory has two major harbors and ports namely Leava and Mata-Utu. These support the marine fleet that consists of three ships of 92,060 GRT, out of which one is a petroleum tanker and two are passenger ships. There are two airports in the territory, one that is paved in Wallis and another that is non-paved in Futuna. The New Caledonia based Aircalin is the only airline operating commercially in the territory.

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