Argentina is a South American country, eighth largest in the world and lying between the picturesque Andes mountain range and Atlantic Ocean. The neighbors include Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile. The earliest traces of human habitation in Argentina date back to around 11,000 B.C. in the region of Patagonia. During 1 A.D., Andean region flourished in maize cultivations and spread to other parts of the region. By 1480, Inca empire founded the region called Collasuyu inclusive of the north-western Argentina. Since early 16th century, Spanish colonists established their control over the region. However, the complete independence of Argentina from Spain was officially recognized in 1821.

Argentinean culture has been influenced by European elements, particularly Spain. The country also features a rich stack of world acclaimed literary works which have depicted ideas of modernist movement and vanguardism. The ethnicity of Argentina comprises of Roman Catholics.

Despite being culturally and historically rich, Argentina is also adorned with booming scientific and technological advancements. The e-commerce has also found apt breeding grounds to further scale heights in the field of generating high business and economic values in international arena. Argentina is already progressing well on path of economic power; the GDP (Purchasing Power Parity) for 2007 has been estimated to be $671.508 billion.

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