Brazil is the fifth largest country area-wise and fifth most populous country in the world. It shares its international borders with countries like Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia. The Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn pass through the country, thus providing means for rich fauna and flora to flourish in the region. Brazil was under the colonial rule of Portugal till 1822. The political scenario of Brazil features a republic since 1889. The bicameral legislature has been in force since 1824 and the present Constitution defines Brazil as Federative Republic.

The economic prosperity of Brazil has always been on the upbeat. Brazil has the worlds 9th largest economy and is quite influential in terms of purchasing power and market exchange rates. The economy is based on middle-income category with most of the financial prowess coming from exports. The countrys development and rapid growth on political, social and economic fronts has earned it a very crucial place on deciding global issues.

The technological trends in Information Technology stream are also gaining international attention and cognizance. Brazilian IT has the potential to provide assistance to its financial services, e-government, health industry and other departments. Brazil has equally excelled in fields of atmospheric sciences, space engineering and agricultural studies.

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Religeon in Brazil

Brazil; the 5th largest country, lies on the eastern part of South America. The most widely supported religion is Roman Catholicism, which is a direct root from The Ancient English Church.