Chile, officially denoted as the Republic of Chile is located in South American continent, lying along the coast. The country is marked by Andes mountains and the Pacific Ocean on the two sides. The neighbors include Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. The history of Chile is attributed to the Incas who settled down in present day Chile around 10,000 years ago. The region of Chile was discovered by a Portuguese explorer named Ferdinand Magellan. The following decades and centuries saw the occupation of Chile by Spain. The complete independence of Chile from Spain was recognized in 1844.

Chile served as an important center of culture and ethnic melodrama for the Inca and Mapuche empires. The countrys culture was influenced by Spanish cultures and traditions. Various traditional customs, rituals, dialects, dances and other elements are simply a part of Spanish culture. Chile has had a decent economic growth since past few decades. The GDP as well as foreign investments have shown a cumulative rise over the years. The resurgence of democracy in Chile in 1990 has led to healthy foreign relations among other developing and developed nations. The technological and globalization-related parameters have attracted numerous world acclaimed giants to invest in Chile. Thus, the growth and progress of Chile has been as remarkable as its picturesque location.

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