Colombia is a South American country located along the Pacific Ocean. Colombia shares its boundaries with countries Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. It also shares its marine boundaries with Jamaica, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Although the country is marred by disturbances like guerrilla rebellions, drug trafficking and corruption, yet the nations is acclaimed in international field. Spanish explorers were the first to visit this region in 1500. Colombia fell into the colonial hands of Span and soon rebellions under the colonial rule were rampant. The independence from Spain was recognized in 1819. However, even after gaining independence, country was still plagued by internal wars and political unrest.

Colombia has been experiencing a steady GDP growth since 1970s till date. Colombia has been the largest exporter of plantains in the American continent. The levels of other imports and exports also have been adequately balanced. The tourism industry of Colombia is also facing a great upheaval. The country apart from being abode to beautiful landscapes and coasts also has been destination for various technological and scientific studies. The main attraction of the country has been its opulent international trade, thus Colombian territory has been laden with adequate trade and commerce opportunities.

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