Ecuador is officially termed as Republic of Ecuador. The country shares its shoulders with countries- Peru and Colombia and Pacific Ocean on its west. The Equator passes right through the country, thus the name Ecuador. The evidence of earliest settlements dates back to 3500 B.C. Numerous civilizations like Valdivia and Machalilla cultures, Quitus and the Canari have imparted much of the present day customs and rituals to Ecuador. Each culture imparted a different touch to the history of Ecuador. The region became a part of Inca Empire following series of wars and conquests in South American subcontinent. The colonization of Ecuador by Spanish imperialists took place in 1531. The independence from Spain was achieved in 1822.

The recent decades have seen a phenomenal growth in economical infrastructure owing to boom in petroleum and agricultural resources. The countrys main bulk of revenues come from export of oil, flowers, bananas and shrimp. The countrys industries largely serve the ever increasing needs of the domestic market. The GDP has shown a consistent increase over the last years. The shooting up of oil prices in international market strengthened the economy of Ecuador and helped to work upon the poverty of the country. The cultural extravaganza comprises of mestizo which features a blend of European and Amerindian traditional elements.

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