French Guiana

French Guiana is a part of France and is located on the northern coast of South America. Being a part of France the country is also a part of the European Union and its currency is the euro. French Guiana was originally occupied by the Native Americans and 54% of the residents are people born in French Guiana itself. Guianese Creoles are the largest ethnic group followed by the Haitian community. Bernard Lama the former French international football player is from this country including Florent Malouda the international football player who plays for Chelsea football club.

French Guiana is the wealthiest region of this part of South America and many people flock to this place in the hope of getting high paying jobs and decent employment. French Guiana has two geographical regions, a coastal strip where a majority of the people live and the rainforest region which is covered with the peaks of the Tumac Humac Mountains along the Brazilian border. There are a number of small islands off the coast such as the three lles du Salut Salvation islands, Devils island and the lle de Connetable bird sanctuary along the Brazilian coastline. The hydroelectric dam Barrage de Petit-Saut forms an artificial lake and provides hydroelectricity. There are a large number of rivers in French Guiana.

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