Peru, officially known as Republic of Peru is a country in the western part of South America. Its neighbors include Ecuador and Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and the expanse of Pacific Ocean. The region of Peruvian territory housed Norte Chico civilization and the prosperous Inca Empire. The country was colonized by Spanish forces in the 16th century. Peru ultimately attained its independence from Spain in 1821. However, the period following the establishing of independent state was marked by political as well as economic instabilities. Peru has been designated as presidential representative democratic republic and divided into 25 regions.

The culture of Peru is multi-ethnic including Amerindians, Europeans, Africans and Asians. This mixture has resulted in classic and hybridized entities in fields of art, literature, dance forms, languages and music. The first signs of human habitation in Peru have been traced back to about 11,000 years B.C. The prevalent cultures comprise of Chavin, Paracas, Mochica, Nazca, Wari and Chimu. The economic status of Peruvian economy has been termed as developing. The economy has accelerated owning to agrarian reform, planning system and other latest reforms. The Government has been partially successful in attracting foreign and domestic investment with respect to diverse aspects of Peruvian economy.

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