Suriname is a country in South America formally known as Netherlands Guiana or Dutch Guiana. There is a mixed population of East Indians, Creole, Javanese, Negroes, Amerindian, Chinese, Whites and others. Dutch is the official language and Sarnami Hindustani which is similar to Hindi is the third largest language as 37% of the population is East Indians. The country can be divided into two main regions, the northern lowland coastal area which has been cultivated and is highly populated and the southern part which consist of the rainforest and is sparsely populated.

The Central Surinam Nature Reserve is a World heritage site for its rainforest biodiversity. The country has a large variety of national parks and lakes such as Galibi national reserve, Coppename Manding National park, Wia Wia national reserve, Brownsberg national reserve, Raleighvallen/Voltzeberg national reserve, Tafelberg national reserve, Sipaliwani national reserve and Eilerts de Haan national park. The country has one of the largest reservoir lakes in the world called the Brokopondo reservoir.

Suriname is dominated by the bauxite industry which earns 15%of the GDP and 70% is send for export. About 1/4th of the people work in the agriculture sector, and the main exports are rice and bananas. Suriname has started making the most of its oil and gold reserves and its main trade partners are Netherlands, United States and Caribbean.

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