Venezuela has been officially designated as the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. It is located on the north coast of South American sub-continent. The geographical extent of the country comprises of a mainland and various islands in the Caribbean Sea. The neighboring countries include Guyana, Brazil and Colombia. Venezuela was engaged in territorial disputes with Guyana and Colombia concerning Essequibo and Gulf of Venezuela, respectively. Being one of the most urbanized countries in Latin America, Venezuela has attracted loads of foreign investors and tourists. The history of Venezuela has bestowed the knowledge of making leaf-shaped flake tools, chopping/plano-convex scrapers, Pleistocene hunting artifacts and spear tips.

The petroleum accounts for the maximum of Venezuelas economy. Petroleum accounts for one-third of GDP and around 80% of exports. Besides petroleum, Venezuela is also dependent on agricultural sector for generation of revenues. Other export-led sectors include revenues from coffee and cocoa crops. The Latin American roots have shaped up the art, culture and linguistic categories of culture. In present context, Venezuelan art and literature have gained much popularity after the Spanish rule. Venezuelan Romanticism has gained world wide popularity following the period after the War of Independence. Other indigenous styles in music and architecture have also attained world wide recognition and applause.

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