Science has enriched human life in a great way but little do we understand the philosophy that works behind the different sciences. Philosophy of Science studies the assumptions, foundations, and implications of science. The main thrust of studies in the Philosophy of science is on the traditional problems and the foundational concerning science. Philosophy of science can be defined for the layman as the science of science. The field of Philosophy of science has become even more important in the wake of newer scientific developments like cloning, genetic engineering and the likes. Although those who practice Philosophy of science are necessarily philosophers but scientists themselves have also contributed to this field. There is philosophy of physics, biology, economics, mathematics, and psychology.

A more simple definition for Philosophy Science is the branch of philosophy that studies the nature and outcome of scientific investigation. The central questions studied in this field depend on whether scientists study reality or merely appearances? Is it possible to believe in the life of things that cannot be observed such as quarks? What are the implications of one scientific theory replacing the older theory? Philosophy of Science in a nutshell can be understood as an inquiry in science as a philosophical occurrence The Philosophy of Science was the subject of inquiry for many dating from the ancient to the modern thinkers. In the ancient times there were thinkers like Aristotle, Plato, Ibn al-Haytham, and Roger Bacon. There have been thinkers in almost every century that studied Philosophy of Science and in modern times there are thinkers like Thomas Kuhn with his book called The Structure of Scientific Revolution, Karl Popper, Alfred Aiyer, Roger Penrose and many others. The philosophy for each science is the subfield of the branch of Philosophy of science. This field is a valuable way of understanding how science works and whatever it unearths is worth the efforts taken.

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