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Mankind has always dreamt of flying. There are legends such as that of Daedalus and Icarus making wings out of bird feathers glued together and trying to fly, until the wax melted while flying too high, due to the suns heat. Leonardo Da Vinci, the versatile genius, put together a flying machine called Ornithopter after observing the flying mechanism in birds. But it was the Wright brothers, Oliver and Wilbur who designed and flew the first functional airplane in December 1903.

Aeronautics is a branch of engineering and it describes the techniques of designing machines that fly. Aeronautical engineers design or operate flight machines such as aircrafts. Aerodynamics must be thoroughly studied by aeronautical engineers. This deals with the movement and response of air to airborne machines.

Aerospace technically represents the immediate surrounding space as well as the atmosphere of planet earth. Aerospace engineering is a complex branch of engineering that employs the best modern technology to design aircrafts. It needs a high degree of aptitude and intelligence to understand the mechanics of airborne machines. Aerospace offers wide scope for research and development. In just about a century or two, mankind has seen so many successful attempts at flight; from the initial air balloons to todays supersonic airplanes and jet fighter planes.

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