Thousands of years ago, the early men were nomads and lived on meat and edible berries and water. They then realized the problem of constantly finding new animals to hunt and new plants to eat. This triggered the idea of farming at a single place when randomly thrown seeds of fruit sprouted into plants. Historical evidence suggests the beginnings of agricultural practice and the settling-down policy as about 7000 B.C. this was followed by using tamed animals in the farms and for hunting prey. Evidences in Turkey and Euphrates support this strongly.

As ages passed, crude techniques were replaced by systematic agriculture. Scattering seeds, burning away weeds and then selecting plants that would grow well in that area, rotation of crop and thus, the modern agriculture and irrigation. Over the years, farming techniques have advanced a lot. Today, farmers use the concept of fallow fields where degrading soil is left alone for some time, crop rotation to allow for soil replenishment and more.

Subsistence agriculture is relatively smaller where farmers grow crops for their own use, as compared to commercial agriculture that represents profit driven farming. There are farm equipments ranging from ploughs, tractors to irrigation pumps, seed tillers and fertilizer spreaders.

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