Since ages, man has been domesticating many animals to help him for agricultural purposes. Archeologists hint that domestication began as early as around 9800 B.C. The animals like cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats are seen in most farms while poultry form an integral part of any countryside farm. Animals like horses are used for transporting the harvest in carts to the nearby towns. Then there are the bullocks used for drawing the plough in fields during the sowing period. While most places with well established farmers use tractors and the like, the bullock is inevitable for small farming establishments.

But such animals are usually overworked and hardly well fed in many small farms. As a result, they fall prey to many ailments now and then and hence, it is a loss to the farmer. It is important to provide good feeds for domesticated animals and also take them to the veterinary clinic to get them vaccinated against known ailments. Diseases like foot and mouth disease are common.

Advancements in genetics are prompting many farmers to go for desired breeding techniques in animals. Animal shelters and other organizations have been voicing concerns about the treatment of such animals. They accuse many farmers of caging and medicating the animals for farming purposes. Pleas are on for the humane treatment of the hard working animals in such profit based farms.

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