Farming Equipment

Today, people employ advanced technology to help in the farming work. There are various tools and farming equipment designed to assist the farmers in the field, in farms and for other tasks. The most popular and simplest farm equipment till date has been the plough. This useful farm implement is used to loosen the tight soil and aerate it in order to help in sowing jobs. It can be dragged by a bullock or a tractor. This huge machine may be used for crop hauling purposes as well as to drag ploughs in fields to sow seeds evenly.

For minimal disruption of soil in tilling, farmers use the chisel plough. There are mouldboards, crooked and slashed ploughs for different tasks. There are seeders to distribute the seeds as well as fertilizers throughout the field in uniform fashion for good farming. These may also be called as fertilizer spreaders if that is their primary task. Then we have the irrigation pumps used for providing a good supply of water for farming purposes.

Although animals have been a major source of power for farming jobs, automated tools are increasingly used to ease the loads and increase the speed of operation. The simple tools are mostly easy to maintain and affordable.

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