Plant & Animal Nutrition

Plants and animals form an important part of the agriculture industry. Humans depend on plant products for our food, animals for meat as well as to assist in farming and other purposes. It is therefore, essential to take care of plants and animals and provide them with the essential nutrition and nourishment they need to perform well.

Plants require assistance to obtain chemicals in the necessary quantities for them to grow healthy. Mineral salts and chemicals are not found in all types of soils in the required amounts. Hence, we have organic and chemical fertilizers to enrich the soil and remove any deficiencies so that the plants get all the nutrition they need. Fertile soil refers to that which has most of the nutrients in desired amount for healthy crop.

Animal nutrition is absolutely essential to keep them strong and free from the common ailments. Animal nutrition involves everything right from proper shelter to good fodder and medication. Essential vitamins and mineral from animal or plant origins can be used as feeds for the farm animals. Additives may or may not be added; depends. Hygiene must be strictly maintained during feeding. Some strong chemicals must be avoided for the animal in the long run.

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