Plants are the primary producers. All the pasts of the food chain are directly or indirectly dependent on plants. Plants not only provide human beings and animals with food but also with various products for medicines, clothing and shelter. Plants are responsible for the fresh air we breathe. Considering the wide variety of benefits we obtain from plants, agriculture and forestry are very important aspects of life, especially in the rural areas.

There are a range of agricultural crops ranging from legumes to grains, from vegetables to flowering plants and many more. Farmers choose the type of plants for cultivation based on the soil type, the area of land and the expenses and profits involved. Green plants are much in demand everywhere. It is important to provide nutrition assistance for plants at times; this can be done using fertilizers.

Crop rotation must be followed in order to replenish the soil with the necessary nutrients. Legumes with bacteria are mostly used to provide the much needed nitrogen compounds. There are different types of plants according to growth cycle, annual, perennial and biennial plants. Farmers adopt suitable techniques for obtaining maximum profits out of healthy crop. With proper irrigation, fertilizers and farming techniques, farmers reap excellent crops.

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