Planet earth has the very necessary greenery and soil for nurturing plants and therefore, animals. Soil has been one of the most important resources for sustaining life over thousands of years. Right from the initial days where men began the process of sowing seeds for grains, mankind has utilized this resource greatly and reaped the benefits. Soil is a major renewable resource with the capacity of replenishing itself with the necessary nutrients for fertility.

Soil is formed from the breaking down of rocks over centuries, by erosion of huge stones by water, because of variations in pressure and temperature. The many layers include hard sedimentary soil, loamy clayey soil, loose top soil, sand and silt.

Soil in turn depends on plants to assist in revitalizing. There are leguminous plants that have bacterial nodes to replenish the soil with nitrogenous compounds. Strong roots hold the soil together to prevent erosion. Good soil needs exposure to light and warmth and basic nutrients to provide maximum fertility for plant growth.

Many soils are salt deficient and fertilizers can rejuvenate soil. Crops must be rotated so as to maintain the sustainability of soil. Reforestation must be encouraged. This will ensure the continued success in agriculture as well.

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