The earth is the most unique planet in the solar system due to its capacity to sustain life. The most important factors, oxygen and liquid water are found on earth and not any other planet. Water makes up three fourths of the earth. The water cycle consists of repeated precipitation and evaporation. This makes water essentially renewable. But in spite of so much water all around, the amount of fresh water for use is only about 1 percent, with the rest being sea water and polar ice.

Agriculture is largely dependent on water for sustainability. Irrigation techniques are widely adopted for providing good water supply to the soil which in turn benefits the plants for a good crop. Water must be stored and distributed in regions that suffer from scarcity. This ensures that more areas benefit with agricultural opportunity.

However, extensive use of chemical fertilizers is harmful and contaminates the ground water. Crops selected for cultivation may be drought tolerant to ensure optimal water usage. The farming techniques must be improved to lower the required amount of water, to reduce salinity and to recycle water. Expansion of farming must not be at the cost of precious water resources. Research is being carried out in full earnest to desalinate sea water and to harvest rain water.

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