Cell Biology

Also referred to as cellular biology, cell biology is a branch of science which elaborately and meticulously discusses myriad cellular characteristics such as structure, components, functions, processes and life span. It is not merely restricted to the study of cells within the human body but also extends to different types of micro-organisms as well.

Cellular biology often overlaps with other scientific disciplines such as molecular biology and genetics. There are several processes and functions that are carried out within the cell which are integral to the sustenance of life. One of these essential functions is the movement of proteins to different components of the cell such as the endoplasmic reticulum and the Golgi apparatus and also outside the cell.

Another process which is also extremely important in terms of understanding cellular behavior is cell division. During this process, there is a division in the existing cell which is aptly referred to as the parent cell leading to the creation of two new cells known as the daughter cells. Cell biology has gone a long way in increasing the depth of human knowledge regarding the natural world.

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