The presence of Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA as it is more often called was first detected by Friedrich Miescher. This discovery was subsequently supported by Phoebus Levene who ascertained the presence of nucleotide units which are the primary components of DNA. This special kind of nucleic acid is rightly called the building blocks of all living organisms as it carries the instructions in its genes that are employed during its growth and development. These set of instructions play a pivotal role in hereditary of all kinds of organisms.

Scientists have discovered that apart from nucleotides, DNA consists of a pattern sugar and phosphate groups. Every single one of these sugar molecules is linked to one of the four varieties of molecules referred to as bases. It is in the arrangement of these base molecules that the information regarding the essential functions of organisms in different stages of the development of the organism is stored within the DNA.

DNA is structurally arranged in order to form chromosomes which in turn comes together to form the genome. This is instrumental in the process of cell division when the DNA in the genome of the parent cell is replicated to determine the characteristics of the daughter cells.

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