Evolutionary science can be traced back to the theory of natural selection put forward by Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace in 1858. However, it is primarily Darwins work On the Origin of Species published in 1959 which presented a meticulous study of the process of evolution which lead to the acceptance of the theory of evolution. This branch of biology is concerned with the study of the complex changes in the inherited characteristics of living organisms.

The theory of natural selection advocates that in the process of reproduction, the characteristic traits which are essential to ensure the survival of species are increased while those that pose a hindrance to the same are diminished. This is known as adaptation in living organisms. The transformation in the genes of natural organisms is referred to as mutation which results in characteristics that are different from the usual traits of the particular organism.

It was only after the reconciliation of Darwins theory of natural selection and Mendels study of genetics that evolutionary science became more comprehensive. This established a correlation between the genetic structure of organisms and their living environment. Evolutionary biology has provided clues to the origin of life on earth and also helped scientists to unlock the mysteries of diversity in the natural world.

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