Food Science

The study of all the aspects of food production, processing and consumption is referred to as food science. This branch of scientific knowledge is closely related to other agricultural disciplines as well. It involves extensive research regarding the various aspects of cultivation of crops, animal husbandry and aquaculture.

Starting from the means and methods of agricultural production and the raising of livestock to harvesting and slaughtering, the study of food science continues to the storage and processing of consumable goods. Food preservation techniques and the materials used for storage and packaging are also included within this discipline. Extensive innovation in the production of new varieties of foods meant for consumption and the means as well as methods of production form an integral part of this agricultural science.

Food science has been classified into subcategories dealing with its different aspects such food safety which elaborately discusses the causes of medical conditions caused due to food consumption. It also suggests possible ways to prevent such instances through the study of the composition of food at the molecular level. Food science therefore is aimed at providing the best quality of consumable products to the consumer by employing the benefits of modern science and technology.

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