Gregor Mendel is accredited with the development of genetic science which is a study of inherited characteristics due to heredity as well variation in all natural organisms. These characteristics are governed by the genes present within the cellular structure of living organisms. Even though genetics itself is a relatively new science, yet inherited characteristics have been used in agricultural production and animal husbandry for centuries.

Towards the beginning of the twentieth century, extensive research was undertaken in the field of genetics which led to the discovery of the structural arrangement of genes within chromosomes. This further led to the detection of DNA molecules and nucleotides. The genetic code was deciphered after studying the specific patterns of nucleotides which contained the long-term information for the growth and functioning of all living organisms.

After Charles Darwins theory of natural selection was established, genetics began to be studied in relation to the environment. This is primarily because the physical development and behavioral tendencies of organisms are not solely determined by its genetic traits but living conditions are also known to govern these aspects of all living organisms. Therefore, scientists are now using this knowledge to trace the evolutionary history of life on Earth.

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