Marine Biology

The green planet earth is vastly covered by the oceans, which are inhabited by some of the most wondrous creatures and living matter. The man who began exploring the water world was the British naturalist, Edward Forbes (1815-1854). Significant discoveries and research were undertaken by the famous Charles Darwin and later, by zoologists William Beebe and Otis Barton on the Bathysphere.

Marine biology attempts to uncover a few of those secrets hidden in the belly of the blue waters. Life in the water is studied in marine biology and this covers every small and large living being known to mankind and also those as yet undiscovered. Zoology, geology, cell biology, ecology and chemistry are some of the many disciplines of marine biology.

It is important to understand the environment of marine life to learn about the food webs, the biodiversity and the impact of ocean life on humans, the effect of human activity on the water bodies and also, for research on various subjects. Scientists employ sonar and satellites, remotely operated vehicles, LEDs and trawls. Underwater habitats are set up to study the aquatic life. The underwater Aquarius homes several scientists and oceanographers who live in the water, exploring the oceans. The mysteries of the deep waters are thus being unraveled by modern science and technology.

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