The living world, over the years, has seen and suffered a lot of pain, ailments and life threatening maladies. The causes range from beliefs like witchcraft, curses and also that it is the atonement for sins. Today, science declares that a variety of causes like unhealthy routines, allergies, attacks by micro organisms and the environmental aspects lead to several illnesses. Medicine technology seeks to relieve living beings from this misery.

As early as 3300 B.C, regions of the Indus Valley experimented with treatments to cure ailments. Ancient Indian Ayurveda and Egyptian medicines have used natural sources to alleviate physical suffering. Andreas Vesalius and William Harvey backed up theories with scientific proof.

To discover new medicines, it is important to have a command over the many details of biology and its science of living beings. Medicines are obtained from chemicals which in turn, can be found in nature itself. Therefore, a thorough knowledge of biology can help to being out new drugs and therapies to cure common and deadly ailments.

Bacteriology and germ theory are fundamentals of modern medicine. The 20th century brought with it the era of applying scientific knowledge to actual medicines. Surgery and pharmacology have been delights in the modern world. Antibiotics revolutionized the world of medicines and biology thus reigns as the source of all medicinal success today.

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