Neuro Science

The brain is a very complex organ in most organisms. It commands the rest of the body and is responsible for the behavior and reactions of organisms to external environment. Neuroscience seeks to connect this interesting organ to the overall behavior and every small movement of the body. Neuroscience explores the nervous system in depth. Backed by advancements in biology, neuroscience is taking rapid strides to evolve as a completely independent branch of study.

The study of nerves began way back in 4000 B.C with reference to sleep and optic nerves, according to experts. In later ages, from 150 A.D onwards, legends like Leonardo Da Vinci and Andreas Vesalius studied the human body in depth. Guilio Cesare Aranzi (1587) described the hippocampus and ventricles in detail. Sigmund Freud published the Interpretation of dreams in 1900, making a major breakthrough in relating the brain with human behavior.

The various disciplines under neuroscience include neural engineering, cognitive neuroscience, developmental and systems neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience and molecular neuroscience. From the early cranial stuffings to the modern surgical advances, neuroscience has come a long way and is now a comprehensive branch of medicine and surgery. There are several questions on brain science as yet without answers and it is hoped that neuroscience may someday have the solutions.

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