If the term organism is to be explained in scientific terms, the definition would say organism represents a form of life, a living system of any size or structure. The only living plant in the solar system is the earth, housing innumerable life forms. There are plenty of living organisms on land, in the air and in the deep oceans. Some organisms dwell inside other organisms as well!

Schleiden and Schwann came up with the path breaking cell theory in 1839 that opened up a new world of opportunities to understand life. Organisms are essentially a mass of cells that organize and co ordinate to function as a single unit to support life activities. Cells originate from cells and cells have the information to pass on to the newly formed cells. The organisms may be prokaryotic (one cell) or eukaryotic (multiple celled).

All organisms undergo the cycle of birth, aging, replication and death and have a well defined life span that may be shortened or lengthened at times based on various external factors. Organisms form various taxas. Species form the genus, family and the taxas of family form order, class and then the phylum. The kingdom is next only to the largest group: the domain. Organisms interact through ecosystems and the food chain.

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