Reproduction is one of the wonderful things about living organisms. Living beings are blessed with the ability to give new life, to procreate. Reproduction can be defined in simple terms, as the ability by which organisms produce replicas of themselves having some common characteristics. The parents produce the offspring. It is a biological phenomenon. The living world exists due to this very process.

Reproduction can be distinguished into two categories: asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction. The first form is simpler and involves replication of an organism without involving another similar organism. Several single cell organisms like bacteria and many plants also have this ability of asexual reproduction by which the cells multiply themselves to form new individual organisms.

In organisms where there are two sexes, reproduction is sexual and involves some form of mating between two organisms of the same species but different genders. Asexual reproduction does not require the genetic contribution from other organisms. It is an independent process. Sexual procreation involves DNA from male as well as female parents. The offspring may inherit one or more characters from each parent. Allogamy and autogamy are other concepts in this process.

From more than three billion years, life has existed on the earth due to reproduction of species. Today, there are methods of artificial assistance for reproduction.

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