Chemistry is one of the basic branches of science that deals with the study of properties, general and detailed structure as well as the internal composition of matter. Chemistry describes why there are certain reactions that may or may not change the properties of a substance.

It is believed that early explorations for gold lead to the first chemical experiments. The ancient civilizations like the Indian civilization were curious to study and transform various substances. Alchemists were obsessed with the conversion of any metal into gold. Geber and other Muslim chemists were widely renowned. Robert Boyle and Antoine Laviosier were the pioneers in chemistry, although it was John Dalton who revolutionized the vague experimentations into actual study by his famous Atomic theory around 1800.

The atom is the smallest and totally indivisible fundamental component of all matter. Atoms of same or dissimilar form combine into molecules and macro molecules. An atom is essentially a neutral nucleus with protons, surrounded by electrons. Chemistry is believed to be the most important science or the central science because every matter begins at the atom. Organic and inorganic chemistry are the two major disciplines. Biology and physics draw from chemistry and vice-versa for various laws and concepts.

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